She likes now the TV show named Lazy Town. I proposed her a day before to watch together a new episode while I drink my morning coffee and she drinks her milk. Like girls do! :-) And have a little talk. She was excited by the idea. I did not know when to use the questions or when to discuss with her. During the show, at the beginning, at the end... So i tried to do it in all the moments. Sometimes it disturbed her, because she could not pay attention to the show. When I felt that I am annoying her I stopped for a while. Her favorite character is Sportacus. Initially I called him Spartacus (like the Roman gladiator) for a few times. It seemed more logical to me.  She corrected me until I understood. At the beginning I asked her why does she like Sportacus.

T: He is handsome, he helps a lot children in need and because he makes acrobatics.

I asked her to describe it to me. Because I don't know the character.

T: He is all blue, tall, he has glasses, mustache and a costume like a robot. He must sleep before eight o'clock in the evening because he needs energy to save and to help the children.

During the show I tryed to make her see (without naming) another features of Sportacus but she could only see the acrobatics that this character does (he runs, jumps, stays in one hand etc).

Another thing that surprised me is the fact that she invented something. She considers that Sportacus is Stephanie's father. I told her that they are only friends.

T: No. Sportacus is Stephanie's dad. He has a Airship and he rescues her all the time. Also all the children.
I asked her also which is the character she doesn't like and why.

T: I don't like Robbie. He is naughty, he takes all the toys, he is really bad.

Me: Don't you think that he might also have a good part?

T: No. He keeps people closed in his airship...

I think it would have been a good idea if I knew more about this tv show.

She also will exclude Robbie if she will have the chance.

Me: Why?

T: Because he is bad, I already told you ten times...


My next questions were answered with the same words.

She likes it when we talk but she is feeling sometimes suspicious about all this questions. Even though the questions sound natural. I told her that I care about what she thinks about different things.

We will have to still practice!


10 Jul 2013, 06:57
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Thank you for the indications.
Simona, I like the idea of watching something with your daughter and discussing it during breakfast. I think it might lead to establishing a nice tradition, which is always useful.

I don't think you should worry about the time of discussion. Choose any option that it natural for both of you. Sometimes you can start the discussion before watching asking your daughter about the show she prefers to watch, what she thinks is going to happen, how she will like it, etc. The discussion during the show might be distracting, I agree. However, this is the time when one of the toys that is watching together with you might come in and respond to the show (the idea of mediation I was referring to earlier). This might lead to the discussion if your daughter finds it interesting.

I also think that introducing a mediator might help in finding a way of the conversation you shared when your daughter just repeated her opinion. While there are certain negative consequences when you start arguing with T. from your own persona, getting one of the toys to disagree with her and keep to a different opinion may be a good option for opening up the conversation. This other character may also demonstrate a different way of arguing - not just saying what I like / dislike but finding some reasons for that.