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This is a place for parents and other educators interested in the use of the PASS (Parents As Successful teacherS) project materials with children aged 3-7.
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PASS Experience Cartoons in the target language

Category: Phase 0
I convinced my daughter to look at an online cartoon in English. I let her choose one. She chose "Mickey's new car". It is not so long. Almost 8 minutes. I did not answer anything, during the cartoon. I just observed and listen to everything she said. It was surprising for me that she tried to translate out loud some of the expressions. Her mind was working... :-) She also repeted some of the words and sentences as if she wanted to learn them and she also recognized some words/expressions that she learned before.
She understood the action, the video helped a lot...
Next time I will  follow the indications from the phase 0 cartoons cards.

22 Сен 2013, 06:53

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